The Process

The growing of the sprouts starts with the purchase of the raw material, the materials are internationally purchased for what we need. There is a wide variety in choices of what seeds to be used for production of sprouts. At Taste Sensations we try to use and grow to the wishes of our customers. The seed is weighed and pre-treated to provide a better production process. All the seed is divided over several production chambers were they are regularly moisturized .

With the help of these machines the right climate is created to provide for an optimal growth of the product. The grow time varies with the different products, within the current production it’s between 5 and 10 days to complete a full grow cycle. “This is where the magic happens”

After the product completes its full grow cycle the product is harvested and washed. After the washing the product continues to the cooler or straight to the packaging line.

When the product is washed the next step in the process can take place. Through continues quality control the product quality is maintained. When we are happy with the product it is packaged in a climatized environment. There is a wide variety of materials for the products to be packaged in, all to the wishes of our clients.